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P&T Taskforce

This website is designed to provide all CHSS faculty with access to information regarding the revision of the CHSS P&T Guidelines. As part of the SPSU consolidation process, OWG 22 made recommendations on new P&T procedures and requirements. Colleges and Departments have been asked to revise their existing T&P Guidelines to conform to the new procedures and requirements. After consulting Department Chairs and the CFC, Dean Dorff created a CHSS Taskforce on P&T Guidelines chaired by Senior Associate Dean Léger charged with updating the CHSS P&T Guidelines and establishing a process to maximize faculty input.

On this website, you will find:
1) Important university documents framing the new P&T Procedures and requirements
2) Proposed CHSS P&T Guidelines drafted by the Taskforce
3) A comment section where all faculty can submit anonymous comments online
4) A section where Town Hall meetings will be announced
5) A list of Taskforce members.

Taskforce members have worked hard to create new P&T Guidelines that reflect our new university identity. We welcome your input on this document.

Town Halls
  • January 19, 2017 12:30pm   Marietta Campus Atrium Building J-109

  • January 25, 2017 12:30pm   Kennesaw Campus Social Sciences Auditorium SO 1021


Task Force
The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Promotion & Tenure Task Force is made up of the following individuals.

Contact the Task Force (
Olaf Berwald
Chair, DFL
Laura Beth Daws
May Gao
Gang Lee
Thierry Léger
(Task Force Chair)
Keisha Love
Chair, Psychology
Nina Morgan
David Parker
Sharon Pearcey
Cassandra Race
Debarati Sen
Ulf Zimmermann